BioMedical Illustration

Through educational experiences and internships, I have worked on a variety of biological and medical art projects over the past four years. In spring 2017, I worked doing illustrations of blood backspatter for Dr. Daniel Attinger. During the summer of 2017, I worked with the Creative Arts and Services team at Los Alamos National Laboratory on figures for the 2nd edition of the Plutonium Handbook which was published in 2019. More recently I collaborated with the Ninewells Hospital Ear Nose and Throat Unit to create interactive 3D models on the complications of mastoiditis. Through my course work, I have had the opportunity to draw a variety of biological and medical specimens many of which are featured below.

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Medical Illustrations

Posterior Cervical Triangle Still Images (ZBrush and Adobe Photoshop)
Adobe Photoshop Scapula Digital Painting
Measured Femur Drawing (Graphite)
Pen and Ink Hand Dissection Drawing (Adobe Photoshop)
External Fixator (Adobe Illustrator)
Obstetric Forceps Informational Poster (Adobe Illustrator)

Anatomical Écorché

Digital Écorché created using 3D CT Data, Keyshot, and Adobe Photoshop

Scientific Illustrations

Sequential Narration of Blood Back Spatter (Adobe Illustrator)
Magnolia (Adobe Photoshop)
NSF Vizzies Visualization Challenge Semi-finalist (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator)

Graphic Medicine

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