3D Modeling and Animation

Through my graduate and undergraduate coursework I became familiar with the 3D modelling softwares, ZBrush and Cinema 4D. I also had the opportunity to learn the basics of 3D animation using Cinema 4D. As a part of my web design internship, I created animated SVGs for web purposes using SVGator and Adobe Illustrator.

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3-D Modeling and Animation:
3D Modeling
2D Animation
3D Animation

3D Modeling and Sculpting

Polycystic Kidney (Zbrush)
Posterior Cervical Triangle, Cervical Plexus and Erb’s Point (Zbrush)
Complications of Mastoiditis (ZBrush)
Scan of 3-D anatomical Wax Model created using Photogrammetry

2D Animation

The Basic Genetics of Polycystic Kidney Disease Created in ZBrush, Adobe Illustrator and Keyshot

Animated Info-Graphic

Web Infographic Animation (SVGator and WordPress)

3D Animation

“It’s A Colorful Life” was created using Cinema 4-D and Adobe Premiere, it is intended to explore the Psychology of Color and Color Association

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