3D Modeling and Animation

Through my coursework, workstudy, and internship with Novavax I became familiar with the 3D modelling and animation softwares, ZBrush and Cinema 4D.

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3-D Modeling and Animation:
3D Modeling
2D Animation
3D Animation

3D Modeling and Sculpting

Polycystic Kidney (Zbrush)
Posterior Cervical Triangle, Cervical Plexus and Erb’s Point (Zbrush)
Complications of Mastoiditis (ZBrush)

2D Animation

Variants Animation Created in Adobe Illustrator and Animated in Canva © Novavax (used with their permission)
The Basic Genetics of Polycystic Kidney Disease Created in ZBrush, Adobe Illustrator and Keyshot
Animated SVG Story for the Applied Wisdom Institute (SVG Gator)

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