Graphic Design

I have worked part-time as a graphic designer for 4-years. As a part of my work, I have met tight deadlines, worked to a schedule, and created a variety of materials for print and digital purposes. Through an independent study at the Greenlee School of Journalism, I had the opportunity to study desktop publishing in InDesign and GREP styles. GREP is a search find function in InDesign that allows designers to extensively streamline their work using Unix commands.

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Desktop Publishing

44 Page Sent Magazine (Adobe InDesign) | 120 Page Christian’s Engaged in Faith Formation Conference Booklet (Adobe InDesign)


Sea to Shining Sea Logo

Display Design

Aboundant Display Booth (Adobe Illustrator)

Marketing Materials and Social Media

Marketing One Pager (Adobe Illustrator & Canva)


Preliminary Findings: Meetings with Early Childhood Professionals in Puerto Rico Regarding Disaster Recovery From Hurricane Maria

Created in Adobe Illustrator for Region II Head Start used in white paper report, presentation, and blog

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