Art Fundamentals

As a part of my undergraduate curriculum, I completed several courses in art fundamentals. I studied light on form, ellipses, perspective, composition, and color while using different mediums to depict a variety of subject matter ranging from still lives to the surreal. To upkeep fundamental drawing skills, I regularly draw from life in a sketchbook using either graphite or pen and try to finish two to three sketchbooks a year as a part of this practice. A sampling of sketchbook work can be viewed HERE.

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Still Lives

Drawn from direct observation each still life works to address different visual problems such as perspective, light and shadow, and form.

Colored Pencil

These colored pencil drawings work to address the fundamentals of depicting reflections, transparency, texture, and color.

Chalk Pastel Paintings

These chalk pastel renderings work to apply the fundamental principles of drawing to imaginary landscapes and forms.

Watercolor and Ink

This set of watercolor and ink drawings were completed as an independent project as a part of an advanced drawing class. The focus of the project was to gain a better understanding of composition and use of space on different page sizes and layouts.