Sea to Shining Sea Branding Project

The Sea to Shining Sea program is an exchange program between early childhood programs in the mainland United States and the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico that was developed by the Institute for Childhood Preparedness in June 2019. Through support, a pen pal exchange program, and relationship building, the program works to meet the needs of early childcare providers in the USVI and Puerto Rico while providing professional networking experiences and cultural exchange.

The colors are inspired by the ocean and the beach. While the font, Oswald, works to tie in elements of the Institute for Childhood Preparedness’ main branding. The logos imagery incorporates the flags of USVI and Puerto Rico in a postal stamp as a reference to the pen pal initiative. The zigzagging dividers work to echo the postal stamp elements. While several of the icons, were created using Adobe Illustrator to incorporate additional elements from the branding.

Sea to Shining Sea Website

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